I like getting brands off the ground in the way of success.

About me

PCHL is the culmination of a 40-year career in the grocery business. During that time I have been continually occupied with other people’s businesses.

I have played an active part in helping small business owners develop their great idea(s) into a product or take an existing product and provide brand ambition.

Who am I

How can I help

The process starts when a business realises they need help in finding a route to market. It may sound easy.

However, the complexities and pitfalls in getting there successfully and more importantly, profitably are many and complex.

If it were so easy then every one would do it and life would be perfect.

How I can help?

Product Success

My success can be seen in the products on shelf in the major retailers and allied food trades.

These include mostly foodstuff but the odd non food as well.

There are many other examples, just take a look.

Product Stories


Non Executive Directorship available

Take advantage of over 40 years of industry experience.


What better way to take your brand and product to the next level, than to have a Non Exec director with connections thoughout the industry by your side to guide you

For a limited time (until all slots are filled), Simon Dunn is making himself available to the right teams to help them build and grow their business across the UK.

How I can help?

Initial seed work free of charge…

just to help people begin the process



The first brand that captivated my appetite for the excitement of building a real living inspiration from the ground floor. Jordan’s unknown in 1974 became the largest independent breakfast cereal supplier in Europe. I spent 12 years in the building and development of the brand from minor innovator to a brand that led the way in natural food development in UK.



Came to my attention after a television program hosted by the late Sir John Harvey Jones. The Troubleshooter recommended the family owners sold their apple juice business and focused on their golf club.


Dentyl PH

was given its name by me. Mouth rinse in Britain was stagnant and boring in 1996.

A funny little dentist, Dr. Phil Stemmer who drilled the teeth of the rich and famous near Harley Street was importing a mouth rinse invented by an academic Dr. Mel Rosenberg at the university of Tel Aviv, the world’s leading research faculty for, would you believe it, “oral malodour” better known as bad breath.

Product Success

  • Oxfam Fair Trade

    From a reluctant start within Oxfam, we listed 35 lines immediately with Sainsburys

  • Dentyl pH

    A best selling mouth rinse, alcohol free and using new technology to maintain 24 hour fresh breath, yet contain 100% natural ingredients.

  • Copella

    Copella is Britain’s dominant apple juice brand, worth £40 million

  • Cawston Press

    Beautiful soft drinks, using only the best tasting ingredients

  • Tick Tock

    Using highest grade Rooibos with a combination of body, sweetness and flavour.

  • 9 Bar

    The great tasting nutritious mixed seed energy bar

  • Meridian Foods

    foods that make you feel great because they are delicious